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Thread: Instrument panel backlighting with LED - what is the best way?

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    Default Instrument panel backlighting with LED - what is the best way?

    I'm building my own A320 cockpit. I'm starting with the FCU, which is pretty challenging, but if I can do this, I will have learnt a lot to start the real project. I'm making a mockup right now. I'm having a Snapmaker 2.0 A350 allowing me to 3D-print, CNC and laser engrave. I have knowledge about electronics and software (C, C++, C#), and have already developed a software suite that allows connecting my panels via a PIC Microcontroller, using USB. So far so good.

    For the backlight of my panels (using painted opaque acrylic of 5mm in which I engrave my characters/symbols), I plan to use white LED. I might need quickly 10 to 20 LED's of which I plan to control brightness using PWM. I know that connecting multiple LED's can be done in series or parallel, and by eventually using driver chips. But I'm looking for some practical examples/schematics by somebody that has already done this before me.

    Anybody here that wants to share schematics and concepts for LED-backlighted panels?

    Thanks in advance!

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    That would try the Guys over at flight velocity. They probably won't have what your looking for on their website but if you give them a call And explain what your looking for I am pretty sure they can 3-D print and built something for you. I use them all the time, and I know they ship all over the world. They are based out of Florida. Funny story, they are actually based right at my home town airport where I live and I fly out of. I got to meet most of them and they really are a great bunch of guys over there . They even went above and beyond for my 87 year old father . Won't get into all the details but they made something happen literally in a couple of hours on a Friday afternoon, so my dad could take one last flight (on the simulator of course) but one last flight before he went into a nursing home. As of today (5-3-21) he is in surgery fighting for his life. Sorry I digress...

    There number should be on the site but here is there 800 number 866-937-9371

    Let them know that Wanerka electric recommended them to you if you do call them and if you don't mind :-)

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