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Thread: FS2020 now running better!

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    Default FS2020 now running better!

    My card is an XFX RX5600TX I never knew made by more than one company! When I updated the dual card Bios I had download the ASUS RX5600TX bios some may say "it don't make any difference!" hell but it does! for months I have suffered poor performance issues with this card..... Yesterday I did some serious research ending up with installing the correct bios for this card..... Now the performance is awesome compared to what it was before..... I can even cross London in High End mode with no stuttering in the Diamond... however the problem of the VR sucking up all the power from the card has not gone away..... The lesson I take away from this is make sure you have downloaded the correct drivers/bios firmware for your computer parts! so I can say now I have it sorted the XFX RX5600TX is a great little card! but will never drive FS2020 in Ultra with all the bells and whistles turned on and VR on top of that..... When cards are more available I will upgrade again and a more powerful latest motherboard...... Happy Flying peeps......
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