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Thread: CH Products YOKE

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    I got my CH Products yoke from the recycle shop at my local refuse centre (the "tip"), was on the shelf, covered in dust, of the 3 levers on the right side, the 2 right-most ones were broken off. Bought it I think for A$15 (or it might have been $5). All the levers moved easily but the yoke shaft itself was very stiff. Has a USB connector. Took it home, put it on the shelf where it sat for a couple of years. Plugged it into my FS2002 and it registered correctly with all controls, I didn't need to do anything. But as I wasn't active, and didn't have a proper sim booth set up, I put it back on the shelf, given that the yoke was very stiff to move. Thought to dismantle it but was afraid it might have fancy stuff inside or springs that would go "sproing ...." and explode on opening. Tried silicone lubricant spray on the yoke shaft once but it didn't help much.

    Last year, I thought "what the heck, it's broken now and if I break it more, not prob". So bit the bullet and dismantled. Was very easy, only a few screws in the bottom, and a nice surprise, the box is full of air. Only got a little circuit board inside. That left-side trim wheel is as the other guys have said, a calibration control in the first instance, I've never used it. I do use the left rocker buttons on the yoke handlebars, and they registered as such (if I remember, unsure) when I first plugged it in. Anyhow, I lubricated all the moving parts inside the box with Vaseline, and now everything moves very smoothly. It was a big improvement on the Logitech joystick I have (that cost me A$50 new some 5 years or so ago), as the yoke has very much more fine control. I, like others, love it, wouldn't fly without it. Re the 2 broken levers, I decided to try and restore them, by drilling a very fine hole into the tops (that were broken flush with the box surround) and gently fashioned some fine wire into a loop so that I could push the two ends of the loop into the hole.

    That worked very well, I now can move those levers very easily. The middle lever registered automatically as the mixture control in my default Cessna, and I haven't changed that. I don't use the far-right lever. The left lever is the throttle. The trigger for me to dismantle the box was to drill two holes in it so that I could mount the yoke into a metal frame I rigged up when I set up my sim booth in my retired 40 year old Mazda 929 car. Got all that set up easily, and for no cost, and since then my sim experience has been great.

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    I've had the Yoke a few months now and never been able to figure out what's wrong with the trim wheels.... thanks to this thread I now know it's not my end ha
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    A update regarding my original post. The problem was that my potentiometer. Installed a new one and everything is working now.

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