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Thread: uncontrolled rolling

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    Default uncontrolled rolling

    I have an issue with uncontrollable rolling shortly after takeoff. This only started several weeks ago.
    Here are the facts:
    1. Shortly after takeoff, plane reaches about 1,500 ft. Begins uncontrollable roll to left, usually diving into ground.
    2. Happens using yoke, joystick, mouse, any aircraft.
    3. Does not happen when using X Plane 11.
    4. Have set sensitivity controls every possible way - no effect.
    5. Does not happen when I let plane take off on AI settings but as soon as I switch off AI and try to fly, rolling starts again.
    6. Is not weather related.
    7. Computer is top of line gaming computer.
    8. Have played with Assistants settings per someone's advice. No help.
    9. Yoke/joystick seenm to be possessed by a demon - not controllable once this starts.
    10. This did NOT happen when I first installed game.
    11. I have not added an plug-ins, etc. Only using MS ForceFeedback joystick (old)or Logitech Flight Yoke. (new).
    12. Have uninstalled/installed three times.
    13. Had logitech rudder pedals, but don't use them. deleted files from system for now.

    John Templer

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    Check your key mapping for the roll, see if it isn't also bound to something else, maybe something constant.

    (Also, I'm sure you have done this, but you DID actually calibrate the stick?)

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    This may not be your problem, but you might also check that your fuel tanks start out with equal capacity on each side. An imbalance can cause rolling, though what I've experienced in that regard can be controlled (not as severe as what you describe), but needs constant correction until the fuel is balanced again.

    Larry N.

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    Do you perhaps have manual trim wheels on the joystick/yoke, that have been bumped or moved unintentionally?

    I have a CH Products Fighterstick and next to the joystick handle are two "rotary trim wheels for precise adjustment of ailerons and elevators". They are meant to be adjusted once and then left alone, as it sets the precise neutral point. Once or twice I found my aircraft doing what you're describing and after hours of troubleshooting, discovered that "someone" moved the trim wheels when cleaning my desk or playing around on my PC.
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    Must be a bug. I had exactly the same thing and another peson also. We were both with the Beechcraft King Air. Both restarted pc and it's not happened again. We both have very weak systems so seems to be happening wether or not you have a good set up.

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    Check that the autopilot is disengaged, if the plane has one --.

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    Default uncontrolled roll persists

    thanks everyone for your suggestions. unfortunately no fixes yet.

    Here are more details of my situation:

    1)Yes, I have calibrated my controllers.
    2) This problem is not related to any specific aircraft; it happens in which ever I try.
    3.) This problem is not related to my joystick or yoke. It happens only on MSFS. The same controllers work fine on XPlane.
    4) I have checked all the assignments, going to defaults on everything, etc.
    5) It seems like an autopilot issue, but the C152 does not have an autopilot, and am careful to make sure the AP is off at all times no matter the aircraft.
    6) However, as i said earlier, when I use AI to take off, everything works fine, until I switch off the AI and the problem starts immediately.
    7) I don't see how it can be a trim preset, as it works fine until about 1k,500 ft. Then, it's as if some fore grabs the stick and forces it violently to the left. I can see it happening on the screen, even when my hands are off the controls.


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    Are you absolutely certain you don't have a Bluetooth device that you have removed but maybe is still remaining in your assignments?
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    Default Uncontrolled roll

    I don’t see any place on the system for a blue tooth assignment. Where would that be?

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    What are your controller sensitivity settings? I cured this roll behaviour with my CH Yoke by setting the elevator and aileron sensitivity to 50% and the dead zone to 10%. The aileron dead zone is the key, if you're happy with your existing settings.
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