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Thread: Problems with two Community folders on computer

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    Unhappy Problems with two Community folders on computer

    So I find out I have TWO Community folders, probably due to an attempt to install FS2020 on my new ssd card to no avail. Both are on my E drive which is a 256gb ssd and almost full. My new ssd is 2 Tb and almost empty except for a clone the old C drive which had windows on it. Is there an easy reinstall or move to fix this all to C? I used Win10 settings and after that is when I noticed the TWO Community folders. The game seems to run ok, just my content manager is all messed up.

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    Default E Drive

    Why don't you remove the E drive and reinstall MSFS on the 2 TB drive. Then format the E drive.

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    “ my content manager is all messed up”

    Don’t worry about it. It’s not down to you reinstalling the sim, but is down to the last update. Many of us have the same thing.

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    Default 2 Community folders

    Both my Community folders are on the e: drive
    One in a folder called Microsoft and the other in Packages
    What I really want to do is MOVE my install from e to c drive.

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    The only Community folder read by MSFS is the one in Packages.

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    It is possible to move MSFS from E to C by going to Apps in Windows Settings, clicking on it then clicking Move. However it doesn't move everything, not sure why, so then reformatting the E drive might cause a problem. Also when an update next becomes available you need to instruct MS Store where to download the update - the default will show your original installation path - otherwise it will try to download the entire sim (135GB) to the E drive!
    I did this not long after installing the sim, moving it to a new very fast Ncve SSD, and I had to do a little tweaking of files to get it to work properly. One of the problems was a second Community Folder. At some stage I'm going to uninstall the game completely and do a fresh re-install onto the fast drive, when I've got a couple of days to spare as my internet connection is not very fast. To me this would be the better option for you.

    As regards the contents of the Community Folder, once you have amalgamated all your addons into the right folder, why don't you invest in an addons manager? Makes it easy to control addons and you can then choose what to load on each session, avoiding slowing load times right down by loading everything into RAM. I use MSFS Addon Linker but others are available.

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