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Thread: What Do You Fly? IFR? VFR? What's more fun?

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    I like to fly both VFR and IFR, and now I think I have all the aircraft I need:

    IFR Flights:
    • Medium Haul Airliner - FlyByWire A320nx
    • Short Haul Airliner - Aersoft CRJ-700
    • IFR Skills and fun - JustFlight Piper Arrow III

    VFR Flights:
    • Practice and exploration - JustFlight Piper Arrow III
    • Ph**king around and having fun - FlyingIron Spitfire IXc

    I have lots of options to explore this wonderful world that Asobo and MS have created. Now will someone make a GOOD Dash-8?

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    I think 2020 is under rated for how good the IFR side is. Sure the gps functions and automation are way behind, but gps is not all of IFR and you can always print off approach plates and maps. The biggest advantage in 2020 for IFR is the cloud subtlety and the real wx feature which provides unknowns when transitioning from instruments to visual and back.

    In FSX to get complete soup you had to set clouds to 10/10 and set the elevations and distance. If you set the lower limit to minimums or near with 8/10 below it, you always popped out with the runway in sight. In 2020, you can randomly pick a start and finish airport, not check the wx and see what happens in flight (yes, totally opposite of real flight). It is the ambiguous aspect of wx that makes it interesting.

    The fact that the clouds have so many variations makes it much more a decision game of trying to sneak over a pass while seeing the cliff off your right side versus turning around or "illegally" carrying on in ifr and avoiding terrain.

    Also as Herc says, it is fun to have a mission. Cargo type doesn't matter as long as it stays strapped down and the CG doesn't move!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ibexto View Post
    Now will someone make a GOOD Dash-8?

    I wouldn't mind seeing a Q-400, and eventually someone will make a good one (rather than the rather..."basic" freeware version).

    But I'd REALLY love to see the earlier Dash-8's, like the 100 200 and 300, there's lots still in use, and they are quite the ticket for airports in mountain towns like West Kootenay Regional Airport, (Castlegar Airport) (IATA: YCG, ICAO: CYCG), in the western Canada Rocky Mountain range (think between Vancouver and Calgary Canada).

    Then again I'd also like to see the Dash-7, and the Caribou and Buffalo as well!

    In case you all haven't seen this, here's a curious and fun looking plane!

    I could see that being popular with many sportsmen!

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    In FSX and the previous sims it was all about IFR for me, as the scenery graphics were not really there for realistic VFR flying imo, other than in a few parts of the world where addon scenery raised the bar enough for it to be acceptable. Fly outside these areas and the scenery looked too bland to make it worthwhile for VFR flight.

    All change in MSFS with it's worldwide scenery. Now I am largely flying around in VFR mode enjoying the view. I stick with the c172 for VFR and when I do want to do a longer IFR flight I use the Longitude.

    I have a complex home cockpit based upon an Embraer Phenom 300 and so far I have only set it up for use with these two aircraft although in time I will probably add profiles for others.

    Despite a few niggles MSFS has truly rekindled my love of flight simulation and we have so much to look forward to with it in the future.

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    Right now, I am flying the CRJ 700 almost exclusively. Usually I will based my flights on real world flights. I will get the IFR route from
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    The H-135 Airbus. Which is a common search and rescue heli in Europe, and does many Med-Evac in America too these days. US Army has bought a very similar unit they call the UH-74 Lakota (which I think is based on the EC-145 ?)

    Fortunately it's 100% free mod, and is rapidly approaching "payware" grade. Among other things, it has a glass cockpit with many bells and whistles, a working autopilot and is rapidly evolving, lately seems to be updated about one to two versions each week.

    Video from today, of latest version 0.9, an intro to latest version, and flight:

    Once you have all that up and running well, with good framerates...

    Step 3:

    This is a program that gives you missions, flights, and such. You can fly cargo for customers, you can do emergency rescues of car accidents, find sinking yatchs, looking for downed planes, and other types of flights! One of the coolest things, is that because MSFS: models the whole world, you can get neofly to generate flights from whatever airfield you'd care to fly from! Maybe you want to fly in the mountains and coastline of western Canada, or maybe from wherever you are from.

    Now... the base neofly is free, but if you donate through patreon, you can get the custom mission scenery for emergency flights, like an overturned crashed vehicle (bus, car, plane, boat) an ambulance, fire truck and such.

    No, I've not tried this yet, been too busy, but there you go. Real world terrain of the whole world, free heli, and a program to make emergency flights!
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    My main enjoyment of the sim is the ability to sightsee and as well as just enjoying different aircraft in my local area I like to do extended trips - I've "done" Route 66 across the US, followed a couple of road trips and currently enjoying a tour of European Capitals. I've also got the old BOAC route to India lined up. a South African Bush Trip and a tour of Canada too, all places I'll never get the chance of visiting for real.

    For sightseeing, VFR is definitely the way to go and the aircraft I use depends on the length and complexity of the flight. For VFR touring I prefer the Beechcraft Bonanza, a relatively easy machine to operate but with excellent performance. But even the lowly C152 has it's uses - I "rent" one at my European Capital stops to sightsee the local area as I'm using the CJ4 to get around.

    Which brings me to IFR. As an ex-PPL I never got around to finishing my instrument ratings so the opportunity to improve myself is one I also enjoy also. The CJ4 is a bit of a handful to learn IFR (I occasionally due a bit in the BE36) but I'm getting there! Not really interested in the airliners though, too much new stuff to learn in my more mature years!

    I like to make everything as realistic as I can, not appreciating until now how much I've missed my actual flying days. But my overall point is you should try a bit of everything, be it just bumbling around or taking 300 passengers trans-continental.

    But whatever you finally decide on, the important point is to ENJOY IT!

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