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Thread: Thank you MSFS2020 for forcing me to learn how to overclock a card....

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    Default Thank you MSFS2020 for forcing me to learn how to overclock a card....

    I've always shied away from overclocking, the fear as always been blowing the rig...... My gpu is the weakest link on my setup and have had endless problems with stuttering and bombing out in VR.... I did some research and downloaded MSI Afterburner and Kombuster spent some late hours and started overclocking.... This morning I flew from Paris to oxford in Ultra using screens in aspose to VR and I was amazed! it did stutter slightly over London at 6000 ft other than that it was very smooth. The bench test found a problem with the ram setup too so I went into Bios and fixed that... next after some needed food I will do some test in VR and see if that has improved performance wise..... My subconscious mind suspects there is a problem with virtual mixed reality app but I'm not smart enough to work that one out yet!!!! In short I'm well pleased it's as if I upgraded the graphic card already! I think it's time to start turning on live traffic and multiplayer which I turned off when I first installed the sim to eliminate distractions whilst I get use to the sim and the rig.......... It feels like it's been a long journey that's caused me many headaches and totally mugged my wallet... but you know what, I really love this sim!!!!!!!!! I'm confident I can hold out now until the market is flooded with high end cards after the cryptocurrency gold rush is over, hopefully by this summer as predicted by TechRadar........
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