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Thread: Do you or have you experienced this?

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    Default Do you or have you experienced this?

    Stutters as shown in the video below during taxi. You can skip straight to the 18 second mark.

    Mark Daniels

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    Something similar perhaps: stutters the first time I pan around when over or on photoscenery, in the VC or in spot view. It happens especially where there's photoscenery with associated 3d objects (hand-placed autogen trees et c.).

    It only seems to happen on the first 360° pan so I suppose it has to do with loading textures, or calculating the positions of objects, or something like that. Beyond my ken anyway.

    If you taxi round 720° or more, do the stutters reoccur at the same point in each circle?


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    Hi Mark

    I get slight micro stutters when maneuvering on the ground with with the QW 757 and Avro RJ/BAe 146 at detailed airports on my main FS9 sim computer, which is running Win7-64 but with all the taps wide open. Nothing as pronounced with your example. I do have FS9 on my Win10 machine and it runs with no micro stutters but that installation doesn't have all the bells I have on my Win7 set up. I chalked it up to system stress.

    Now, having said that, I do recall a quite similar issue that came out of no where on my old FS9 WinXP-32 duo core machine. It operated for ages without such stutters then all of a sudden there they were. I have no idea how or why but I got rid of the problem by disabling the default GPS from the gauge folder. That was not a big deal since I had purchased the excellent Reality XP Garmin units. Perhaps you could try that to see if it makes any difference. If you rely on the default GPS that just replaces one problem for another. As I recall I twigged on to that solution by reading somewhere on the net that it was a problem with the RealAir SF260 and that is how the problem was fixed with that aircraft. I can't find that now to reference it for you but I did find a similar description here.

    "I remember when the brilliant freeware Commander series came out ( from
    Milton ) , he had to advise people to remove the GPS from the VC because it
    was causing something similar to what you are describing.."


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