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Thread: ATC addressing aircraft

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    Default ATC addressing aircraft

    Strange thing.
    All of a sudden many of my saved flights are called by ATC with the atc_id from the aircraft cfg and not with the id I saved the flight with? (all are saved as, and always were called PB1)
    Obviously the solution is to rename all atc_ids in aicraft cfgs to PB1, but what puzzles me is how it could this change possibly happen?
    Any clue appreciated.

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    After back tracking what I did prior to this anomaly, I realized that I have changed the whole FS9 folder (used the previously saved one) from Applications/Roaming/Microsoft.
    The aircraft sub-folder apparently contains the saved info and by me changing the folder the ATC calling defaulted back to what the original atc_id shows in aircarft cfg.
    Apologies for false alarm.

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