Our Virtual Airline is focused on fun and enjoyment of Flight Simulation.

There are no entrance exams to take and we don`t have too many rules at all. In fact we are very flexible with no requirement to fly from where you landed last, in sim, nor fly routes on the specified day and time. If the published flight is over five hours you can use the time compression feature of your simulator and if you need to step away from your flight there is no need to pause your simulator as our software, Compass2020, does not make checks to see if you are at your computer.

Our suite of comprehensive schedules will offer you the opportunity to fly from major international and regional airports. Alongside our schedules we feature a catalogue of tours, twenty five and counting, taking you from the Fjords of Norway, the Islands of the South Pacific, the stunningly beautiful Caribbean and the mountainous terrain of South America.

The aircraft fleet of Airwego is diverse and you are not limited to an aircraft type based on your hours or rank. Join today and you could soon be departing from Heathrow on a long haul flight, aboard the B747, bound for South America. Maybe a turbo-prop aircraft is your preference? No problem! Start the engines on one of our Dash 8-Q400s and away you go. Explore Our Fleet menu above for more details on our aircraft types.

Join NOW: https://www.airwego.uk/visitor/