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@ Disneyflyer. I am just wondering if you have the 'co-pilot' app in your community folder? If you have, then I suggest that you un-install it as it caused a lot of problems for me (blank & or not working MFDs and more) and others have reported that it causes problems. You could try what I just did...see below:

Well, the good news is that I refused to give up and now I have the FlyByWire A320 back and in working order.

First, I zipped (7 zip) up the entire contents of the community folder onto the desktop. Then deleted the community folder and all of it’s contents. I fired up FS and rebuilt the rolling cache which automatically made a new community folder. Then I run the FBW installer, and HEY PRESTO! it worked/ I haven’t yet restored the rest of the contents - I’ll do that later, one at a time.

Have not yet been able to solve the fact that FS is still missing from the MS Store list of installed app’s - I guess that means that I won’t be able to install any updates now? A Google search reveals that there are indeed problems with the store app, but so far I am unable to find a solution.

I’m not doing anymore today. It’s been a long day, my butt is starting to tingle and there’s a big hole in my face wants feeding.

Many, many thanks to everyone for tips and suggestions

Hmm, I dont have the Co-Pilot thing installed. Ill give it ago and report back when I have a chance.
Thanks for the info you provided above though. I hope that will help.