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Thread: Using a second HDD for addon scenery

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    Default Using a second HDD for addon scenery

    My primary HDD (1tb) will be filled up soon if I keep installing more Photoreal scenery and the like. I have another, larger, HDD (2tb) that I use for storage. it has lots of space on it. I realize that some installers want to install to the primary drive where FSX SE is located, but some scenery will let it be installed where I want. Will FSX SE be able to access the scenery from a second HDD?

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    Absolutely, just point FSX:SE to where the scenery is. For that, try the Scenery Configuration Editor, available here:


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    Thanks you. This will help a lot. Now if I can get all of the 2D panels to display. Anyway, I am having a great time with FSX:SE.

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    Firstly FSXSE is one of the top sims and beats P3D v5 by a long shot, I uninstalled P3D v5, as it didn't even have a starting point for me as I like good scenery I've always liked Photo scenery and found that the more you have the slower the PC runs the best work around going back to FS9 days was never take a HDD over haft full and un-tick a few in the scenery library until needed. The plus side of a having scenery on a second drive is on a windows reinstall you do not need to reinstall all the scenery's providing you have got a up to date copy of your scenery.cfg file backup, if windows assigns a different drive letter that's easy to change (win7) by right clicking my computer/Manage/Disk Management, (win10) can be accessed through the Control Panel/Device Manager I think. I have used this method since about 2005 and its saved me a lot of time and stress over the years.

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    No problem, my FSX system has been like it for a decade.

    It also has the advantage that the additional scenery HDD only has fixed files (unless you add any) so doesn't need to be included in a weekly back-up regime once you've done the original back-up to wherever.

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