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    I'm looking for a tool(a map) where I can plot custom waypoints and then it exports them as an FS2004 flight plan, to save manually inputing coordinates.

    H Jones

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    You didn't say which OS you're running, but these programs will still run in Win10: Uses an older database of airports and nav stations but it will get you by and you can easily insert fix info. Nav flight plans can be converted to: You'll need to know how to install gauges in 2D panels but ACS-GPS is one of the easiest GPS programs going. Either select a "canned" waypoint or type in the DEG MIN SEC data manually and upload it to the gauge. ACS gets along well with the autopilot in FS2002 and FS9 but the gauges may not update if you install them in the virtual cockpit (2D cockpit works fine).

    Nav also has some nice built-in functions such as a moving map that tracks your position. When I want to add an aircraft carrier to FS9 and I need to plot the "trap zone", I just use Slew to position the plane on the corners of the zone I want, then run Nav and let it auto-track my position and the co-ords are already displayed in the proper format. As mentioned above, you can plot out a flight path in Nav and convert it to an ACS-GPS plan but I haven't tried to convert one to an FS9 flight plan.

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    I also think Plan-G allows custom waypoints. And what I like about it is it has all the waypoints and an aids from FS9. While it’s not perfect and can be a little tedious and may not be an exact real world route, at least I know the Navaids I plan with are are actually in the sim.

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