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Thread: Combine aircraft liveries FS2004

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    Default Combine aircraft liveries FS2004

    Hello! How can i combine FSPainter MD-11 texture into Simmer`s sky one?

    Click image for larger version. 

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    This is normally not possible because both aircraft use different model files and even if you would specify both models within your aircraft folder, along with their separate texture folders, you will most certanly have trouble with all the differences in the then combined aircraft.cfg file.


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    Well can i make new liveries for SMS MD-11 from those ones?

    I mean reaint SMS`s MD-11 model with those colours from any plane on picture

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    You can make new liveries of any plane, so yes you can.
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    As Tom says yes you can, also I noticed there are some cargo versions there as well as Pax type.

    All this means is in the aircraft.cfg you will see things like this, notice the model has changed, so model 1 might be a passenger and model 2 a cargo.

    title=MD11 airline 1

    title=MD11 airline 2

    After that all the other entries will work for that MD11 aircraft like the engines, contact points, weight and balance etc.

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    Those are AI planes. Ai aircraft usually use a simple one plate map that covers the entire aircraft where most flyable aircraft consist of multiple plates that concentrate on specific areas of the aircraft. I don't see how you can transfer the repaint without breaking it up into the different parts. You can maybe do an isometric screenshot from Model Converter X and then apply it to the different parts but it would be easier just to paint from scratch.
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