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Thread: fs2004 bglcomp.exe WIN 10

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    Default fs2004 bglcomp.exe WIN 10

    After the "death" of my WIN XP computer, I successfully managed to install my FS2004 under WIN 10, but now the following problem has occurred:
    Scenery design is only possible to a very limited extent under WIN 10. AFCAD works without any problems, but all other utilities (e.g. ObjectPlacer) that work with bglcomp.exe and bglcomp.xsd are apparently useless under WIN 10, as compiling from xml to bgl is no longer possible. My research showed that MSXML4 is required, but that this is not supported by Microsoft for WIN 10 for security reasons (nice that Microsoft leaves the users out in the cold here, as so often).
    My question is: Is there any solution to compile xml-files from ObjectPlacer into working bgl-files in WIN 10? I would also be grateful for negative answers, because then I could finally stop my unsuccessful research.

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    I had similar problems with Object Placer. I wound up installing the program in the same, overall, directory as my FS install (My fs install is C: FS9, Object Placer is also C: Object Placer in its own folder. The other trick is to right-click the .exe for Object Placer and set it for Win XP SVC Pack 2 and Run As Admin.
    Your mileage may vary, but give it a try.
    Also, Object Placer seems to be finicky when it cones to re-compiling an XML file. If I want to re-do an older XML, I always have to start the placer with "create new BGL" then load in the old XML.

    Last, where are you putting your BGL files? In theory they could go anywhere but I put mine in the Add on Scenery folder's Scenery folder.

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    Default bglcomp.exe

    Thank you for pointing this out. Unfortunately, the first attempts with it failed. The compiler still does not generate a BGL file.
    I usually save my BGLs in the Add on Scenery folder's Scenery folder (if they are created ).
    Thanks again. If I do find a solution, I will let you know.

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    Check for the obvious stuff as well, do you have FSUIPC installed? Do you have the right libraries set up?

    Once I got Object Placer working under Win10, its still really picky when it comes to generating a new BGL, so stick with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hamiair View Post
    My research showed that MSXML4 is required, but that this is not supported by Microsoft for WIN 10
    Your research is likely incorrect. I have MSXML4.0 SP2 and SP3 installed on my Win10 machine.



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