I noticed there were surprisingly few panels for the standard Learjet, or any business jet in general for FS5.1. If you are flying big birds there are some great panels around, but very few for smaller jets. The default Lear panel is not very pretty. On Apollo's Business Jets addon, there is a licenced "King Air" panel by Marc Suxdorf which is recommended for all turbine aircraft, but although it is excellent, it is not very jet-like. I did however find Peter Kruesi's improved Lear panel, and it was very nice and seemed like a good basis for my own modding. I had no clue how to improve it, but after finding the panel modding tools on an old cd-rom I got kinda carried away..

So here is my new Business Jet Panel 2.0. Should be good for most 80s/90s bizjets. Using the groundwork of Kruesi's 27 year old Lear panel, I have worked some evenings on updating the graphics. "Pixelformer" was a great tool for this. I did in fact borrow some elements from Suxdorf's panels, like the "glass" radio and engine displays. Other elements I took from FS2002, but I spent a lot of time putting it all together and editing individual pixels. Still some small details to fix, but what do you think?

Here are some screens, the first 4 are from my new panel. The last picture is Peter Kruesi's original. We are arriving Chicago and Meigs field, using FS Global Upgrade for FS5.1!

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Happy flying!

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