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Thread: FSX addons to make doing flights easier

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    Default FSX addons to make doing flights easier

    Say the addons that makes doing flights easier.

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    Well, it's a very very "wide" and confusing question...
    or was an April fool... LOL
    More seriously, what do you mean by add-ons ?
    Aircrafts, sceneries, or software maybe ( flight planners, Gmap, etc..) ?
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    I just said "the add-ons that makes doing flights easier" out loud and my wife gave me a very strange look!

    Yes, please be more specific about your needs.


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    Quote Originally Posted by reece0306 View Post
    Say the addons that makes doing flights easier.
    Flying right to start with, manipulation of radios/instruments, remembering to use landing gear and flaps as required.
    That's where I would start...

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