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Thread: Little Navmap to a Tablet

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    Default Little Navmap to a Tablet

    Have tried LNM on a second monitor & found that on the smallest monitor available (21"), the display was distracting.
    I would like to know if LNM can run on a tablet sync'd to a desktop running MFS20?



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    Hi, I don’t know about Little Navmap but there are others..
    like this excellent one for example..

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    Yep. I use the spacedesk app. Works like a charm. You download a driver for the spacedesk app for your computer and it effectively turns your tablet into a 2nd monitor. I use this for Little NavMap and prop it up in front of me while I fly. Handy!
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    I'll second Spacedesk. Simple to install and use.
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    Thanks to all who responded to my query regarding LNM to a tablet. I am off to check out spacedesk


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