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Thread: Airbus H-135 download

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    Default Airbus H-135 download

    Hi, I noticed that FLtsim 2020 now has a H-135 helicopter available. I have checked several 2020 training videos online to try and find out how to download the 135 into my 2020 flysim but they don't take into consideration...I'm a total dummy. I really need step-by-step instructions...IN EASY TO FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS. Please don't assume I already know a lot of technical computer stuff. I don't. Is there anyone who can help me download the 135 helicopter? Thanks so much for any help. Bob Gilbert email:[email protected]

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    seems simple:

    -download is a .zip file.
    -unzip the .zip file.
    -place unzipped folder in correct folder.

    Which folder? See here:


    (If still not clear, Youtube instruction link on that page as well.)

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    Default Latest version of H135

    I downloaded it last night.. it’s excellent! Just done a bit of sightseeing..

    I think it might be my favourite aircraft at the moment

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