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Thread: Achtung! Spitfire and Over The Reich Replacement!

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    Cool Achtung! Spitfire and Over The Reich Replacement!

    I'm replacing AH's two Sims with Microsoft's CF2 and CF3! I am keeping AH's Flight Commander 2 and the Mission Builder. No problems running in Windows 7!

    Christopher Tarana

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    AS, OTR, and FC2 are still 3 of my favoirites. I keep them on my working laptop when i need a break. They are unique turn-based flight simulations that play like a wargame.

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    Creating Missions in the Mission Builder is the Best part!

    Christopher Tarana

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    Agree. The Mission Builder is a nice feature. It fun to test different scenarios.

    I think because these games are turned based, and you control all ac on one side; one of the novel features is that you can test wingmen and even whole division tactics . Played this way the games clearly show the advantages of mutual wingmen support and how they outweighs the advantages of single fighters . Most simulations fail in this-AI Wingmen don't cut it. In most combat sims the player is the lone "Hero".

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