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    I'm building my own A320 cockpit (using FMGS). I'm starting with the FCU. I wrote already the software, which allows to connect my own made HW. HW is running on PIC Microcontroller, and communicates via USB with one or more PC's. These PC's then communicate via Sockets with a DLL that is working with the FMGS simulation software. I'm now starting to build the HW of my panel. I have a 3D-printer, CNC and laser engraver (Snapmaker 2.0 A350). I have already a concept working for push/pull rotary encoders. If people are interested in one of these topics, feel free to ask.

    I have all dimensions of the A320 FCU. For the characters, I'm using the MS 33558 font, and use my CNC to carve out the characters on painted acrylic.

    QUESTION: Does anybody know the exact size of the characters on the FCU (SPD, MACH, ...). I estimate this to be about 3mm high.


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    I just tried with 3mm, and it looks perfect to me. So I guess that I'm pretty close to reality.

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