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Thread: How to convert fuel flow scalar in aircraft.cfg to pounds or kilograms.

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    Question How to convert fuel flow scalar in aircraft.cfg to pounds or kilograms.

    Is there any way to convert the fuel flow scalar to be more like fuel flow in kilograms or pounds. If there is any help that would be nice!

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    fuel_flow_scalar is a multiplier. Pounds/hr or kilograms/hr depend on the aircraft.

    If a given aircraft consumes 1000 lbs/hr (454kg/hr) with fuel_flow_scalar at 1.00, it'll consume 1100 lbs/hr with a fuel flow scalar at 1.10.
    So for that aircraft, every 0.10 units of fuel_flow_scalar represents 100 lbs/hr of fuel.

    For every aircraft this will be different.


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    Thanks for the help!

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