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Thread: Can someone explain

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    Default Can someone explain

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Could someone explain this , seems to appear at the Airport

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    We need more information. What program generated this error log?

    I would check the Xian MA-60.air file and make sure it is not Read-Only, OS protected, etc.
    Tom Gibson

    CalClassic Propliner Page:

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    Ai Aircraft was the editor, also just not seem to show up in the create aircraft part of fs9, even though the air file says 0

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    Installation in c:\Program Files(x86) provides problems...

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    I know realise that now, not sure thats the problem here though, as other aircraft dont have problems.

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    Okay, what's the scoop here? Is this an AI aircraft you converted over to fly, or vice versa? .air Files can only be opened for Editing with a program like AirWrench. Maybe an errant AI airplane you loaded is bumming up the works? 😮

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    Best bet is to send the error log file generated by AI Aircraft Editor back to the author (Martin Gossmann). Could be a bug in the latest update, or, there really is a problem with the data contained in the .air file.

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    If you think it is the air file try using the default Boeing737 air file and see if it works, that normally works with a lot of aircraft.


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    Its a plane I tried to put in as AI , it does show up at the airport, but to be honest not seen it take off or land, but was at the gate, also not sure if this Aircraft caused CTD , but i need to check that Further

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    If I try and change the air-file to default 737, is there anything else I need to do ?

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