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    This is my first post so if this has already been addressed, please provide a link. I am trying to connect my Flysky FS i6X controller to my PC to run Phoenix Flight Trainer. Everything I have tried has not worked. I get the message that the controller isn't connected via the USB - which it is and the light on the dongle blinks. I've been working on this for two solid days and still get the error message. Is there a driver for Windows 10 that I can download so I can use my FS i6X controller with the Phoenix 5.5 Simulator? Is there some other solution? The YouTubes that I've watched don't seem to work either...

    Thank you all in advance!
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    What version of the Phoenix do you have? (Later: I see you have 5.5.) Did it come with a Spektrum DX4e controller? I'm not familiar with your FlySky - is it Blade compatible? And what is the dongle? My Phoenix 5 came with the DX4e and included a USB cable that on one end plugged into the DX4 and the other end went to a USB port, no dongle as such, so perhaps you can clarify.
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    looked on google for: Flysky FS i6X

    and found this on the first page:

    Hope it helps.

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