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Thread: Matching GPU

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    Quote Originally Posted by mega View Post
    This question
    I was, obviously, concurring with the first answer.
    Your Matching GPU will gain NOTHING from a GPU upgrade.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jorgen.s.andersen View Post
    You do not need a better CPU, the one you have is fine.

    What you need to do is to overclock it, so it runs at a clock rate above 4.5 GHz at least, instead of at 3.6 GHz.

    Your bottleneck is the 3.6 GHZ clock rate.

    Thank you Jorgen

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    How many monitors are you using?
    And what is the resolution of those monitors?

    Also run GPU-Z and HWMonitor while P3D is running, and look at Max GPU use to see how heavily your GPU was used while playing.

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    One monitor at 1920x1080

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luke View Post
    Why are people making suggestions in the absence of data? For all we know the GPU could be the limiting factor. 5 minutes with NVI or GPU-Z will let him know for sure. And if the GPU is at 95%+ then overclocking the CPU won't do much beyond consume more power.


    You don't need data to know that the CPU is the primary limiting factor.
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    Quote Originally Posted by W2DR View Post
    You don't need data to know that the CPU is the primary limiting factor.
    I have the same CPU and am GPU limited with a 1070.

    It's amazing how long people stumble around when they cannot do the basic data collection required to do proper troubleshooting. </shrug>


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    I do know my rig ([email protected] GHz laptop, GTX1050) is CPU limited, because its usage is frequently pegged at 100% (I can see this using MSI Afterburner).

    However, how do I know how much should I overclock (or which CPU should I purchase) in order to balance usages?

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