Excellence Virtual Private Air Services Update - March 2021

Hello All,

In the last couple of weeks, Excellence has grown and over 100’000 miles have been flown. Behind the scenes, many people have spent their free time working on new projects. We are thrilled to announce the following exciting news:

  • We have added the Daher TBM930 to our fleet. Initially, three aircraft (M-EXTA, -B, and -C) will fly for Excellence. Livery & interior credit goes to Matti (EVP3). The TBM930 is a turboprop airplane which will fly our shorter routes:
    • Zurich to Geneva (19 weekly), Cannes (6 weekly) and Nice (on weekends)
    • Amsterdam to Brussels (12 weekly) and Luxemburg (daily) and Sylt (Saturdays)
  • We have purchased our eleventh CJ4 (M-EXCK) which will be based in Zurich due to increasing demand.
  • Matti (EVP3) has created a CJ4 dark panel version of the livery which is available to download.
  • We have added new routes from our hubs:
    • Zurich to Dublin, Donegal, Berlin and Olbia
    • Amsterdam to Dublin, Donegal and Sylt
  • We have increased frequencies on our busiest routes:
    • From Zurich up to 3 daily flights to Nice
    • From Amsterdam, additional weekend flights to Innsbruck and Split

Please check out our brand new TBM930 promotion video:

If you have any questions, you can reach out to us via e-mail: [email protected].
We also run a Discord server for our community: https://discord.gg/gK9bp2Xa

Safe landings,