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Thread: CVN-74 (USS Stennis) near San Diego.

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    Cool CVN-74 (USS Stennis) near San Diego.

    Trap zone and catapult data for the USS Stennis located near San Diego (
    Just add the following to your ARRCAB or RCBO dat file to enable "traps and shots".

    CarrierIdent=CVN-74 near San Diego
    FrontRightCornerLat = 32.617205
    FrontRightCornerLon = -117.170786
    FrontLeftCornerLat = 32.616998
    FrontLeftCornerLon = -117.170812
    BackLeftCornerLat = 32.61692
    BackLeftCornerLon = -117.170518
    BackRightCornerLat = 32.617180
    BackRightCornerLon = -117.170488
    DeckAltInFeet = 72.00
    CableCatchZoneHeightInFeet = 2.4
    RunwayHeadingInDegreesMag = 264

    If you need more info:

    Locate your .DAT file for ARRCAB or your RCBO gauge package.
    For ARRCAB users, open your ARRCAB folder and locate ArrestorCables.dat.
    Open the .DAT file by highlighting it then right click and select Open With and Notepad.

    Copy everything between the +++++++++ lines above, then paste the data into your .dat file.
    BE SURE to change [ZoneXX] to the next number in your .dat file (ie, [Zone34] ).

    Save the changes to the .dat file, start FS and select a jet then select "sten" as an airport ICAO.

    This should place you on the deck of the Stennis. Start ARRCAB and you should see a green data line saying your nearest carrier is CVN-74 near San Diego. Line up for a cat shot (<shift F9>, hit your parking break and run up the engines. Tap your break button and hold on tight.

    Note that your course should be set to 264 degrees prior to trapping.
    I set up the trap zone to fall between the first and fourth wires.
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    One more carrier, but this one is a little rugged.

    From FS2000, the USS Kitty Hawk(CV-63) south east of Tokyo Bay. Just install the files like normal scenery to your add-on folder and enable it within the sim. This is old scenery so you'll be seeing a lot of stuff floating near the flight deck (swim call?) but hey, its a carrier and you can land on it. WESTPAC-ho!

    Location: N 34 04 15
    E 140 25 00

    Heading: 085
    NAV 1: 108.00 (don't trust the ILS, just treat it like a suggestion)
    NAV 2: 109.00
    NDB : 801.0

    Add the following to your ARRCAB dat file (like the post above).

    CarrierIdent=CV-63 near Tokyo

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