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Thread: Interested on buying UK2000 London sceneries for FS2000. (Files and/or keys can help)

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    Default Interested on buying UK2000 London sceneries for FS2000. (Files and/or keys can help)

    Hi all:
    I'm interested on getting old payware UK sceneries for FS2000. More in particular, London airports, and especially London City.
    Anyone has anything?. In their main page there is nothing older than FS2004.
    Here in Flightsim I've seen several sceneries, in their shareware version, so for them, the key might do.
    For London City, I couldn't find anything. I even got GBAirports 2001 with a LCY version, but I would like something better, maybe other options, but I doubt there is something else than the UK2000 one.
    You can send me a private message too.

    Regards and thanks.

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    Well, I reply myself.
    As my thread had a lot of views, for those who could be also interested, I finally got London City Live for FS2002 (from World Air Simulation) by ebay, which is also valid for FS2000, and has a wonderful scenery for LCY, and also very nice BAE aircraft both for flying and as static aircraft.

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