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Thread: Help! Nav,Comm and AP dead.

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    Default Help! Nav,Comm and AP dead.

    Hello everyone. I have got myself into a big problem.
    I'm running FSX with the Acc Pack on Win 10 and no problems until yesterday. All of a sudden, I can't tune the Nav and Comm buttons at all, they just remain frozen but...if I load a flight or even start a new flight anywhere in the world and the screen starts in pause mode, I can tune them.
    As soon as the pause is disengaged and we're flying, the problem begins. The AP button disengages and cannot be reactivated, the radios freeze.
    If the flight begins in 'unpaused', the problem is there. This applies to every single aircraft including default aircraft. I have tried 'SHIFT+M' but this only turns the buttons and panels off or on and has no bearing on the problem.
    I haven't installed anything new recently except a 3rd party scenery package which displayed fine.

    As I say, I've had no problems with FSX on Win 10 until last night. This is the only problem but I can't find a way around it and was wondering if anyone had come across this before. Really hope someone can help as I'm working on a FSX video project over almost a year now and this has stopped me dead in my tacks.
    Thanks for any help you can give me.

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    restore the default startup flight.
    see here how to:

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    Thank you, that did the trick.

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