Hi. I am new to FS so before I just dive in I thought I would learn the basics of navigation. To that end I decided to install the nav182 learner program from Charles ?? of Avionics LTd. It is a standard cessna 172 with larger gauges and a digital readout. it works fine in Fs2004 but in FSX one of the gauges is missing ( the single needle radio magnetic indicator) and also the radio is absent
The following info is from the panels.cfg folder within the learner folder which is in the airplanes folder within the simobjects folder of FSX (placed there by the learner install program)

gauge00=cessna!Heading_Indicator, 342,600,163,161
gauge01=cessna!Attitude, 342,408,162,162
gauge02=cessna!VOR1, 10,408,162,161
gauge03=cessna!Airspeed, 177,408,162,162
gauge04=cessna!Altimeter, 509,408,162,160
gauge05=cessna!Turn_Indicator, 177,600,162,161
gauge06=cessna!Vertical_Speed, 509,600,162,162
gauge07=Bendix_King.ADF.Slaved, 678,600,162,162
gauge08=cessna182s!VOR2, 10,600,162,161
gauge09=bendix_king_radio!Bendix-King Radio AP, 678,377,272,84
gauge10=SimIcons!Avionics Icon, 560,568,30,30
gauge11=SimIcons!Kneeboard Icon, 490,568,30,30
gauge12=SimIcons!ATC Icon, 525,568,30,30
gauge13=SimIcons!Compass Icon, 630,568,30,30
gauge14=Cessna172!Tachometer, 853, 604 ,155,155
gauge15=learner\cad_dcagauges!aircrafthdgreadout, 394,570,60,30
gauge16=learner\cad_dcagauges!vor1obsreadout, 61,377,60,29
gauge17=learner\cad_dcagauges!vor2obsreadout, 61,570,60,29
gauge18=learner\AP_Hdg_dig_chw!ap_hdg-dig, 722,342,50,26
gauge19=learner\cad_dcagauges!adfbearing, 730,570,60,29
gauge20=SimIcons!Map Icon, 665,568,30,30
gauge21=learner\asi_chw!indicated airspeed, 228,377,60,30
gauge22=learner\FLtime_chw!FTime, 950,338,64,48
gauge23=learner\omi_chw!nh-omi-lights, 367,364,116,50
gauge24=learner\radio_height_chw!radio height, 557,377,72,30
gauge25=learner\db-oat-dig!oat-dig, 213,570,90,30
gauge26=SimIcons1024!Electrical Panel Icon, 595,568,30,30
gauge27=learner\db_timer!timer, 840,548,180,50
gauge28=Mooney_Bravo!Flaps Switch, 971,390,30,37
gauge29=learner\dme!DME, 781,463,165,82
gauge30=Mooney_Bravo!Wing Flap Display, 965,441,45,106
gauge31=Kingair!Pitch_Trim, 709,465,41,98

They work fine in fs2004 but in FSX one of the gauges and the radio are missing I think they are gauge 07 and gauge 09
Am I right in saying that all these groups of numbers are pointers to addresses in memory where the actual guages reside and if that is the case how would I locate the true address,s for gauge 07 & 09 and how would I enter the number sequence for said addresses.

Thanks in advance