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Thread: Add-Ons for Better Seasonal Representation?

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    Default Add-Ons for Better Seasonal Representation?

    As someone who lives and flies mainly in MN and the upper mid west, seeing green trees and grass in the Winter, is a real buzzkill. Not to mention open (non-ice covered) lakes, and all that. It seems as if the only time there is snow on the ground, is when it is actually snowing. It's March, and I haven't seen my backyard since early November.

    Is there an Add-On or Mod that provides MSFS with something other than Summer?

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    I use an addon that simulates "Fall" but it mainly recolours trees etc and isn't what you're looking for.

    There is a request on the official MSFS website for "seasonal" weather but no indication of when we might see it. In fairness, apart from using the "LiveWeather" option I can't see how anything more than quarterly representation is going to work - it would take pretty big resources to cover everything.
    We're also "promised" better LiveWeather representation soon too, but what it will look like is anybodys guess for now.

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    I think snow on the ground is a problem, and something MSFS has been working on. I fly a lot in Alaska and it seems to be improving.

    This might be an urban myth, but I've heard that it's better, if you're trying to trigger accurate live weather, to only turn it on after you have loaded your flight up. In other words, don't turn live weather on from the main menu or navigation map before the flight loads up. Instead, set it to clear skies when you load up. Then, once you're in the plane, go up to the top of your screen and change conditions to live time and live weather.

    I've been doing this and it seems to work well.
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    Go to the store and look at MSFS Utilities. One of the first offerings is from Contrails, called Seasonal Vegetation foe MSFS. It at least tones down the brilliant greens to shades of brown and green. I use it. I think you have to take it out of the Community folder once it's Spring (otherwise it'll look like you're in a severe drought, LOL!).

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