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Thread: Weather.DLL CRASH! πŸ™

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    Default Weather.DLL CRASH! πŸ™

    Hello fellow FS2004'ers

    I have been experiencing an issue for the past few days, where as I click "Customise Weather" my FS2004 seems to crash. I'm using Windows 10, and apparently the faulting module is Weather.dll.
    I seemed to have fixed the issue by changing the security settings of Weather.DLL but now it seems my issue has returned despite the security parameters remaining the same.

    I do ask any simmers who may have any ideas to kind, or have experienced this issue before to come forward.

    It is worth noting that my weather does change if I use weather themes, but doesn't seem to do so if I use a program to externally set it through FSUIPC.

    I also use IVAP, and the weather seems to change itself OK through that, so I believe it is only an issue with manually setting your own weather.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated and if this issue apcan be permanently fixed, I would be very grateful.

    Many thanks.

    H. J.
    H Jones

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    Update, seems OK now. I enabled "clear wx on disconnect" on IVAP, not sure if that is what fixed it though. Worth a try.

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    Can you update it to Windows 7 32 Bit?

    Christopher Tarana

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