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Thread: Editvoicepak Minor Issue

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    Default Editvoicepak Minor Issue

    Hi Flightsimmers, you guys are always so helpful at solving problems. Have noticed a minor issue with my Editvoicepak since I upgraded with a new computer to windows 10. It comes with recognizing airlines eg

    Pilot: 1174 request taxi IFR
    ATC: Qatari 1174 taxi to runway 34 via A, B,C

    It has happened with stock callsigns and also callsigns I have made so I know ive copied the phrase to all voices.

    Just wondering if this has happened to anyone else and if so how you may have solved it

    Many thanks

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    Did you actually check every voice in EVP and make sure they all say Qatari?
    Tom Gibson

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    Sure did Tom, have done further reading seems to be a problem with AIG Manager, which I havent got. Did download some of their flight callsigns and their aircraft repaints but I havent got their Manager installed. So at a loose end now

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    In the aircraft.cfg file there is an entry called atc_airline= That should be atc_airline=Qatari

    Not sure if capitalization matters or not. That entry is what the Sim uses in the voice files.
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    It's there too, it will intermittently use Qatari and then just the flight number only. Same with several other airlines eg Brunei was not being recognized at all times today.
    I'd read that on Windows 10 that it needed the line atc_flight_number= in aircraft.cfg. Added that to make sure didn't seem to make a diffence.
    Airlines like Qantas, EVA and Asiana seem to work fine.
    This one has got me stumped

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    There's only two things I can come up with:

    1) Windows 10 being the piece of crap it is with overzealous privilege crap.

    2) Your Sim is installed to the protected directory of the programs folder. It should be installed to the root of C drive. So something like C:/FS2004. If this statement is true skip to 1.

    For me, I'm testing something called Windows 10 AME and it does look promising and I've only recorded a few telemetry hits from it through the NIC (Network Interface Controller) which I will mention to their project. The other thing they have wrong there is that they're using CIDRs (Classless Inter-Domain Routing) in the hosts file which won't work. The hosts file will only use domain names to IP address resolution. So that's another thing I have to tell them about. Other than that, it's striped clean of all the utter crap. I however gave myself Admin rights because that's how I roll and have been since my XP days. I'm a power user and there's no way in hell I'm using a guest account. Windows 10 AME is NOT for everyone however. Directx12 gaming might be hit and miss.

    If you're computer literate like I am, you may want to try customizing Windows 10 with nLite. With nLite you can strip out the crap.

    You might be interested in this.

    Addendum. Since Windows 10 was introduced in 2015, I have counted as many CVEs (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures) for that time frame till now that beats what Windows 7 accumulated in that same time frame. Yet they say Windows 10 is more secure than Windows 7. That's a major fallacy and a major fallacy to say YOU MUST update. Let me be brief and explain.

    Here I currently roll Windows 7, UAC off, as Admin, no anti-virus software installed (it's over bloated crap) and NEVER had a "hacker" who's wearing a black hoodie and a Time Warner owned Guy Fawkes mask invade my computer. I just know how to surf the Internet and use the right tools like Sandboxie for my browser. I also scan ALL downloads at Virus Total who get malware samples from the U.S. Cyber Command. I also scan my computer every once in a while with stuff most people never heard of let alone use. Nothing ever found. I do periodic full 1:1 disk clones, monitor the NIC and HDD reads, writes, and modifications. That includes the registry. Did I mention I have but four or so updates installed? LOL I wasn't a patch Tuesday fan going back to Windows 98se! Help, I'm so vulnerable. I know my stuff to say the least. Again, the majority say update or least you'll fall victim to some BS is a fallacy on so many levels, and if it's free then YOU are the product. Not to mention updates now-a-days are based on low QC (Quality Control) that can and WILL muck your computer up. I've read my fair share of tech forum help threads on it for years and years and just shake my head. If Windows 10 allowed it, just use the criticals, but at least create a full 1:1 disk clone before you commit it. However, if the privacy invading crap is striped out, a damn update will bring it right back. So much for the idea of the acronym PC (Personal Computer) You ARE Redmond's cash cow.

    Don't even get me started on all the telemetry I saw pour out of Windows 10. There's at least 20 ASNs (Autonomous System Number. Whole groups of CIDRs.) being used. I never saw this with 7 or XP. Just some time checking, pings to Akami (a CDN) to see if you have an Internet connection and local Samba NetBIOS stuff. That's it. Windows 10 is a massive exception to the rule let me tell you.

    Anyway... LOL

    Oh! You're probably wondering why I said 'Time Warner owned Guy Fawkes mask.' Have a read BAHAHAHA So much for the Occupy Wall Street movement.
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    The CRJsimpilot not sure I’m clever enough to work that out. Not quite that computer literate.
    I did have FS9 in my program files folder but have moved it out, the Editvoicepack folder remains in the program folder so I’ll try moving that out of there.
    Might even try a new EVP download and see if it makes any difference.
    Never had any issues like this on Windows 7 I’d prefer it for Flight simming anyway.
    Thanks again for the previous detail reply

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    If it's possible (may not be) and if your mother board has Windows 7 drivers or there are alternatives, you can do a dual install of 10 and 7. You can use EasyBCD to sort out the boot loaders. I used EasyBCD back in the day for my Bro's computer to run XP and 7.

    It's not hard to do, but I'd A) use two hard drives, not two partitions and B) make a full 1:1 clone of your current hard drive FIRST before you do this.

    Again, this all depends on motherboard drivers. No Windows 7 driver capability and your SOL I'm afraid. I'm sure Microsoft just loves that. If it was me and the motherboard I had didn't have Win 7 drivers, I'd find alternatives on the darkest reaches of the Internet and at Github. But that's my nerdy ability. LOL

    If I get my stimulus check I plan on sending my money to the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) by virtue of building an awesome AMD rig. Not that my rig is capable enough now, but this particular CPU plays hell with the latest COD Modern Warfare and many other players have the same issue. Here I wasn't much of a huge gamer when I turned 30. I only played my old tried and true trusty BF2 with the AIX mod and met some friends online that I gamed with and as consequence everyone had COD so having played the COD Modern Warfare back in circa 2008, I wanted to try this new version. Well, not only does this CPU play hell with the game getting stutters every now and then (which is NOT Internet related), the massive 20 or so GB updates every two damn weeks, and seeing that Warzone is free, I would have never bothered to blow the 60 bones. I used to play ARC and a few other games and punching tress for wood was just not my thing. LOL I'm more first person shoot 'em up or FSX/FS2004. Though, GTA V was a good laugh. Already beat it. LOL

    Modern gaming now-a-days seems like sucking up your hard drive space and then contend with massive updates every week. Though, I've always been meaning to try my hand at Arma which I guess is like a military Army simulator of sorts. I've been meaning to try that game since 2008 for God sakes. LOL I just have other things that occupy my time with website stuff and what have you that gaming is something I do on rare occasions. I'd rather learn about Docker, Kubernetes, VMware, and other tech stuff that peaks my interest. Games can set your IQ back unless it's like FSX/FS2004 where you're using an FMS and flying the SIDs and STARs, etc.
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    Lars from Editvoicepack solved the problem it was a file that shouldn’t have been there so it’s now working properly.
    Appreciate all the replies for help especially you crj_simpilot

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    Interesting read. CRJ_simpilot, very interesting and pithy (and somewhat overwhelming re the tech content but very welcome) and fantastic posts. Similar to you, I don't like the evolution in MS operating systems. Maybe its good, maybe not, you would seem to be indicating not.

    CRJ_simpilot, would you be interested in contributing to the other FS2004 thread re Linux "Install FS2004 on Ubuntu - it works! Here's how to do it."? I'd be interested to get your take on the Linux world. I'm a fan of open source community things. Contrary to their criticism e.g. "oh, it's not controlled by anyone ..." misses the point, there are thousands of eyes and brains worldwide contributing, and watching, and picking up errors etc. so in many ways it's superior to a proprietary, privately owned product. Just like these flight sim communities.

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