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Thread: How to open, enlarge radio/nav panel?

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    Default How to open, enlarge radio/nav panel?

    In xplane: dubbel klick.
    In FS2020?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ster100 View Post
    In xplane: dubbel klick.
    In FS2020?
    Is there a particular aircraft you are referring to? Most of the time I simply zoom in with the click wheel, as well as center with the arrow keys.
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    I mean, in xplane it blows up when you dubbel klick.

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    Have a look here:

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    Ctrl + number gives predefined view. Ctrl + 3 is the right-hand instrument panel. Ctrl + 2 is the left-hand panel.

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    The video shows only how to see screens, the FMS is unusable.
    And Ctrl + number opens a full screen, that sometimes is annoying.
    The same pop up as in Xplane worked in FSX, why not keep it?

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    "The same pop up as in Xplane worked in FSX, why not keep it?"

    Because Asobo neither developed nor owned the rights to either sim? It is a new, unique approach to the genre, not an upgrade or rehash of any other flight sim. I could be mistaken.
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