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Thread: Mini PC for FS2020?

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    Default Mini PC for FS2020?

    I am returning to FlightSim again after several years away (last ran FSX). I really don't have space for a "desktop" PC, much less one with flashing lights and see-through sides. Is there a "mini-PC" out there that will handle FS 2020? I have a very nice large monitor and something that would sit behind it would be perfect!

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    What's your budget? Most of the mini PCs you see from Dell et al. that can be hung off the back of a monitor are geared towards business and casual use, not gaming. There are small form factor gaming PCs that would run the sim quite well, but they tend to be quite pricey. (there does seem to be a safety issue with these ones right now though)

    If you're into building a mini-ITX PC yourself, there are quite a few small case options these days, as well as motherboards and GPUs to go inside. Most of (not sure what they were thinking with the name for this one...)

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