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Thread: what vintage/classic aircraft are planned for FS2020 ?

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    Oh of course! And btw, NASA just gave a contract today, for landing humans on le Moon, to SpaceX. I think Blue Origin thought they were going to get it, but no.

    So let's consider the Concorde as vintage, which it is by definition. Most aviation geeks like me are somewhat aware of the Soviet Koncordeski, known as the Tupolev 144:

    Fewer people know that Anglo-French Concorde had such an impact on the engineers of the day, that Boeing thought the future was Mega-Boingcorde! Yes, they were planning on making the next large airliner a supersonic... SWING WING called the 2707 :

    They were so convinced of it, that the B-747 was more a happy mistake! See, the future was supersonic passengers. But... the US Air Force needed a heavy lift cargo plane, and asked for proposals. Boeing really wanted that contract. So they got to work on the 747 project for cargo. That iconic cockpit bump and second floor? ONLY there because they wanted an easy nose door for a cargo bay from stem to stern! Yes, they did offer passenger variant when Pan Am asked about a very large airliner (pretty sure that was in early development, but after the decision to try the USAF cargo contract), but they thought that was only going to get minimal sales until the Mega-Corde could get to service... and didn't want to spend a large amount of money on the subsonic Jumbo-Jet!

    Lockheed offered what eventually got named the C-5A Galaxy (I think they called it an L-500 before the USAF named/designated it. ACtually nope, L-500 was a proposed civilian "Galaxy"!!), and got the USAF cargo jet contract, totalling 131 aircraft. And Boeing went on to sell 1,571 Jumbos!!

    Turns out, Lockheed also wanted to make a Concorde too:

    Did you ever see this movie? Airport '79

    It's not just planes that fly... time does too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Herc79 View Post
    Most aviation geeks like me are somewhat aware of the Soviet Koncordeski, known as the Tupolev 144:
    Yep, it existed, but only carried some 3000+ passengers on 55 flights, all domestic. Nothing to compare to the 2.5 million passengers carried by the Concorde. That's why I said "virtually the only one"

    BTW, you're lucky to have watched a Concorde in flight. I have only managed to visit a couple times the one in exhibition at the Aeroscopia Museum in Toulouse, next to Airbus headquarters.

    Quote Originally Posted by Herc79 View Post
    Did you ever see this movie? Airport '79
    No, but you have piqued my interest

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    I'd love to see a decent DC-3 and Maybe PMDG's DC-6...

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    So from what I gather, the B-747 passenger version was viewed by Boeing internally as a temporary stop-gap, to fill the void of the market, until the B-2707 would be ready for paying passengers!

    It's kinda weird to think of what Boeing would have made if it weren't going for cargo... might they have put the cockpit up front on the main deck, and not have the hump bump???

    You might also have heard of the 747 Tri-jet... an attempt to reduce fuel consumption on long flights with slightly fewer pax. But... they decided the engineering cost was too high, to make a "Tristar" style tail assembly. So instead they opted for extreme range and slightly higher speed, simply by removing two airframe plugs, simplifying and lightening the flaps, giving the world the stubby 747SP (Special Performance), that often cruised at MAch .93 on very long distance flights, like China to North AMerican locations, and South AFrica to European destinations while skirting around Africa.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vegasjon View Post
    I'd love to see a decent DC-3 and Maybe PMDG's DC-6...
    PMDG have said they will be bringing their entire line-up to MSFS, including the DC-6. Might take a while though.

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    When I started this thread, the situation for Vintage aircraft in MSFS2020 was looking pretty grim, however as I investigate further, I'm MUCH more hopeful! It seems that FS2020 is a big sales success, more than double the original prediction, and devs are keen on serving this market.

    Ok so a recap and significant update of the planned/announced vintage products:

    Available now:

    Blériot XI

    L-19 Bird Dog
    V1.6 (Black Box Simulation)

    Long-EZ (Burt Rutan)
    by IndiaFoxtEcho visual simulations, payware available now)

    MC-15 Cri-Cri

    Piper Arrow III
    (JustFlight ; note there is an update/patch for it, Version 0.3.0 includes a variety of fixes and improvements)

    Supermarine Spitfire Mk IX
    (FlyingIron Simulations)

    F4U Corsair

    Grumman Goose
    (freeware available now)

    Spirit of St. Louis
    (freeware available now)

    Douglas DC-3 for MSFS2020
    (freeware, no idea if any good)

    EA-7 Edgley Optica
    (freeware, no idea if any good)

    Concorde FS2020 Conversion
    (freeware, no idea if any good)

    Upcoming Vintage:

    Douglas DC-3 Dakota
    (two versions are possible: Aeroplane Heaven, and PMDG internally talks about possibly adding a DC-3 Dakota, but has not yet made a decision, despite having direct access to a real Dakota owned by a friend)

    Boeing 247D

    Douglas DC-6 Cloudmaster
    (by PMDG, being the CEO’s favorite airplane in the companies hangar, Randazzo indicated that significant work has been done to bring the plane up to current standards and that, once released, users “will be blown away by the improvements” made to the product. This is not a "port" or "conversion", but rather a total overhaul of the products for FS2020, even going so far as to build new development tools and processes, to take full advantage of the potential the new sim brings)

    deHavilland DHC-6 Twin Otter
    (Aerosoft, Summer of 2021)

    deHavilland DHC-2 Beaver
    (Aerosoft "Okay, I officially put a Beaver project on our project management system....")
    ( also MilViz is making a Beaver too, I don't believe this is a collaboration, but two different products, no dates announced)

    (Milviz Inc, this is the Turbojet "Football" version, no turbofans here!)

    Boeing B-737-400
    (posted on Reddit)

    McDonald Douglas MD-80
    (Leonard Softhouse) This thread below mostly talks of a P3D version, but at the bottom they talk about being FS2020 beta testers and making a version of the MD-80 for this sim:

    McDonald Douglas MD-11
    (TFDi Design)

    F-4 Phantom II (Milviz Inc)

    Cessna T-50 (Milviz Inc)

    Edgley Optica EA-7
    (Orbx first aircraft development!)

    Aérospatiale/BAC Concorde
    (DC Designs is making one, Aeroplane Heaven seems to be making one as well)

    Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird

    Antonov An-2 "Colt"

    P-51 Mustang (Aeroplane Heaven)

    Stearman Biplane (DC Designs)

    Aerostar 600 (A2A Simulations)

    Possible being discussed, but no guarantees:

    Douglas DC-3 Dakota (PMDG)

    Lockheed Vega (Wing42)

    A2A is working to port over their products to MSFS2020. This would mean:
    Boeing 377 Stratocruiser,
    Lockheed -49 Constellation,
    Boeing B-17,
    P-40 Warhawk,
    P-47 Razorback might happen. And possibly some others too. But no confirmations are public yet.

    Consolidated PBY Catalina
    (possibly Aerosoft. No decision has been made yet, but a port of the PBY might happen)
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    ...any private jets being considered? Particularly long-range ones?
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    Well... considering this is a vintage topic, there would only be the Gulfstream 2 (3500 miles, that's very respectable range!), that could be considered any kind of "long range", and since there was very few private jet types in those days...

    I guess you could maybe add long range biz jet in the old days might be a Boeing 727 with extended range tanks. I've not heard of any 727 projects for FS2020, but I'm sure there will eventually be 5 different versions, between payware lite, freeware and high fidelity payware.

    I've not been looking for private jets for FS, so I can't answer that for you... but I also didn't see any. At all. I'm sure there's at least one or two, I just don't know of them.

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    Freeware by FLT Designs, in early development

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    I'm more into the smaller vintage aircraft and no-one has mentioned the KINNER B-2 SPORTWING by GOLDEN AGE SIMULATIONS yet. It is listed at SimMarket (, but oddly cannot be purchased at the moment. There are two reviews already which means it must have been available at some point, but I suspect the developer has pulled it temporarily, perhaps to address the issues mentioned in the reviews.

    I have several GOLDEN AGE SIMULATIONS aircraft for FSX/P3D and while they lack some graphics/texture quality, they are such interesting aircraft of the 1930's era that I tend to overlook that and enjoy the uniqueness of flying some long-forgotten aircraft of the golden age of aviation.
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