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Thread: Honeycomb Combo For Sale - $400 USD shipped.

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    Default Honeycomb Combo For Sale - $400 USD shipped.

    I purchased an Alpha Yoke January 2020 and a Bravo TQS January 2021. They are such major step up from the CH gear but alas I have come to the conclusion that I just don't have enough time in the world for civilian flight simming in addition to DCS/HOTAS. I will sell both in original boxes and barely used for $400 INCLUDING shipping anywhere in the continental US. Even though the Alpha is a year old now I still have MAYBE 10 full hours of flight time on it. And the Bravo being brand new has only been used a few times probably not even an hour of flight time with it. Please reply if interested or text me at (615) 580-0442.

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    Can't find the edit post button so announcing this as sold.

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