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Thread: Older plane, contact points, FSX

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    Default Older plane, contact points, FSX

    Hello everyone,
    This is an old topic discussed many times before, but this matter is not quite clear to me as I am very likely interpreting contact point numbers incorrectly or not quite understanding what does what and was written on this topic so far. What I am trying to do is to tweak contact points for Eric Cantu's B732 to make it sit on the ground a bit more leveled instead of dipping forward. Is there a way to "compress" the main gear a bit more?
    Thank you!

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    Please have a read through this thread.
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    Thank you CRJ_, I will give it a try

    Quote Originally Posted by CRJ_simpilot View Post
    Please have a read through this thread.

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    Default FDE Update

    Try this:

    It is an 'update' of the aircraft cfg (including contact points). You will notice the compression values have been changed as is the position of the nose gear. I don't have this model so can't test it for you. But the changes make sense to me. You can save your aircraft cfg BEFORE you make any changes. You can put '//' in front of lines of the (contact points) section (Sim will ignore anything after '//') and then copy the new contact point then paste to aircraft cfg - then do a SAVE and you are done. Go try. Let us know if this helped.
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    Default FDE Update

    Great suggestion, thank you Chuck,
    I will definitely check what this tweaked .cfg file does and let you know.

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    make a backup copy of the original aircraft.cfg file before you start.

    (and if not done yet, make a backup copy of the complete fsx folder. (the whole 15Gb I mean). You'll be glad you did, because the day will come that you accidentally delete a default file.)

    (It is not possible to copy original files from the Fsx Disks. And using the repair option will often 'fix' more files then just the one you wanted back. So a backup is needed.)
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    Good point...thank you. I should do that too. I remember well my frustrations and all that time it took to restore fs9 + addons many years ago!

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