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Thread: Robert Richardson's Cessna 310, anyone know where to find it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Downwind66 View Post
    Yes, I have SP1, but not SP2
    May I ask why you have not got SP2? If you wanted to install it you can download it from here.

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    Hi Paul, yes, years ago I didn't have SP1 or SP2. I was having some issues at the time and had installed SP1 for help in resolving. I think, at the time, I asked Charlie (mrzippy) if I could install SP2 without issues? He said with all the add-on aircraft I have added over the years, he thought I could see some adverse effects from downloading SP2. Of course, he said you can always try it, but understand, you may regret doing so! My computer at the time and still to this day, has run flawlessly and yes, I do have many add-on aircraft, too many to take the chance of saying "I should not have installed SP2!" Too much work to chance losing!

    That is why I still don't have SP2! I know there are many out there that might say it should work without issues, but here again, I am not taking that chance!

    Charlie - If you read this, I hope I got our conversation right! It's been many years since then, and this is what I can remember of it!

    Thanks for commenting Paul and have a nice day!


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    Memory?? What memory? Pretty much what I remember. I read in a couple of threads that crap may happen if trying to install SP2 after installing a lot of aircraft. I mentioned it back then as a precaution.
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    Oh I see, sorry for late reply.

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