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Thread: MSFS 2020 !st person flight

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    Default MSFS 2020 !st person flight

    Please is there anyone out there that can help, my flight sim in 1st person was working perfect, could look around cockpit and out of windows, but wanted to expand into third person to look around outside of plane, but in my experimentation I have changed something possibly in General Menu, now can fly in third person but have limited scope in 1st person, can get into pilots seat and fly forwards but POV does not work from pilots seat and some mouse and keyboard functionality is lost.

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    Use the drone camera. Takes a bit of study to learn how to use it, but well worth the time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cobalt View Post
    Use the drone camera. Takes a bit of study to learn how to use it, but well worth the time.
    This is so true!!!

    I put the AP on as soon as I can, hit the "Insert" key and start looking around. There are various drone controls which allow you to move the drone away from the aircraft.
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    There are separate hat switch assignments for internal views and external views. Just assign your internal views to the same ones as your external views. The sim will warn you that it's already assigned. It's ok, you can have both.
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