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Thread: easyJet MSFS2020 at Gatwick

  1. Default easyJet MSFS2020 at Gatwick

    easyJet MSFS2020 at Gatwick
    All those beautifully painted aircraft and a stunning freeware airport featuring London Gatwick.
    It would be nice to see some proper Ai within MSFS2020...come-on Asobo!

    Thanks for viewing, Darryl

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    Amen to the AI comment. Still it looks so good

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    Great shots and because of covid Gatwick airport probably looks like this these days, it normally has about 600 incoming flights a day but now is down to about 10!.

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    First-class shots there Darryl! we definitely need someone to make an AI program for MSFS and wakes for floatplanes , ships, etc.

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    Great set of shots, and nice looking Gatwick. Good job Darryl.
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