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Thread: Still No Third Party Planes ?????

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    Well so far what we can see is from outside.
    From the 1st link , seems it's a same guy as ABAD but still can't be a fact.
    For a fact I feel a bit weak.

    Also LDX Aircrafts are not showing exact plane list.
    What we can know is what we can see from outside.

    Needs a fact really about those more.
    And when found , will be reported from the author/Maker.
    May be they gave a permissions so.
    So has to think of those possibilities.

    Already many model creator knows about this group now.
    So checking what is going on.
    We model creators has connections.
    So for now , lets see how it goes.

    Also they posted will be under the copyright rules.
    Specially Microsoft Market place's case.

    So just see how they and Microsoft do now.

    Sorry I feel this is off topic but was needed to the post under.
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    Don't worry, I think this is directly on topic. Anyone who wants to report piracy to Microsoft can email: [email protected]
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    Not sure if this has been mentioned in this thread, but the first complex (study level) commercial jet (CRJ) will be released in March by Aerosoft. Phenomenal buzz on the Aerosoft forum!
    My latest video at The Flight Level - The Everest Experience - Cinematic - Himalayan Mountains and Glaciers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kapitan View Post
    thanks for mentioning, its true
    the Grumman Goose is a complete classic with original analog cockpit
    the only freeware addon (and among paywares the 2 from Carenado)
    the rest are "easy" releases.
    Thanks. In this respect, I'd like to know how you rate the ultralight (Aerolite 103) by Nemeth Designs, another favorite of me.

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    I've found the Aerolite 103 to be a real fun flyer. Low and slow to be sure and the flight dynamics do seem to mimic the real thing quite well from all the Ultralights I've watched at EAA AirVenture every year.

    The sole 'issue' I have is before takeoff I need to change the cockpit camera to 'Pilot-Close' or the view has me hanging from the left wing - lol

    IMHO it is good value for the $$.
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