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Thread: Downloading New Planes should be easier!

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    Default Downloading New Planes should be easier!

    Found a "complete" plane in the X-Plane aircraft library.

    The download file:

    Downloaded file and unzipped. Copied to the extra aircraft folder.

    When I start X-Plane and choose this plane (a DHC Otter), I get a solid, pure white plane
    that looks very much like a new, unpainted aircraft.

    In a sort of "read-me" file - which actually says for alternative versions for DH6 Twin Otter v1051+.txt - Notepad

    DHC-6 Twin Otter
    These files are meant for use with the DHC6 Twin Otter 2Dvd.8 and will let you build/assemble a number of alternative versions of the Twin Otter.

    The procedure is quite simple (I hope):
    1-unzip/extract the version of your liking.
    2-take the resulting folder -your new model - and move that to x-plane's Aircraft folder
    3-go to the original base model of the DH6 Twin Otter 2Dv2.8-3Dv22.3 and copy all files and folders from that directory, except the act file, to your new model's folder and you are ready to fly in x-plane.,


    Please color me somewhat lost!

    Art Burke - N4PJ
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    You do in fact download a new unpainted but otherwise flyable airplane which you can then chose the color scheme of your choice. This one is fairly simple in that you are just moving folders and their contents and it doesn't involve editing any code. There are YouTube tutorials that will show you how to find your airplane folder and move files around. Basically you just find the X-Plane folder on the drive (Hard Drive) where you installed it. Will be your C: or D: Drive. Click on it to open and you will find folder inside named Airplanes. Windows 10 has it's own unzip. Just download the paint scheme, let windows unzip it and drag it to the Aircraft folder. Then find the unpainted version in the Aircraft folder, click to open then copy and paste the contents to the new version except a file named Act. Leave that part where it is. Close the file folders and open X-Plane and your newly painted plane should show up. There are also 'Winders' tutorials that will show you how to find and move files around. If it doesn't then my advice is always worth what you payed for it. HA HA. Good luck with the Beaver. One of the best of the best planes every built for it's intended purpose.
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    Default Downloading Planes Should Be Easier

    Raven - thanks for your feedback. Between what you wrote and a couple of other
    items on YouTube got me in the right direction.

    Art - N4PJ
    Leesburg, FL

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