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Thread: I got outta steam for good. Finally!

  1. Default I got outta steam for good. Finally!

    After trying to get FSX to load off of steam, like wading though a swamp, I finally had enough. Also, I don't know what these people do with the windows registry, but I wiped everything off. Reformatted, got the win 7 professional back on, and dug up my CD's of FSX standard, no acceleration. After cleaning up my computer, I dumped what steam had off into a folder I made. After finally getting past microsoft's hideous roll back failure to install, fatal error and everything else, I got the copy of the SDK and installed that first. Then install FSX, SP1 and SP2. Now, a clean boot like I've never seen or don't remember ever seeing, and certainly not on FSX SE. Sure, some aircraft don't work but guess what? I combined the panel off a FS2004 download and entered that on the steam's F/A-18 windows 00 entry, which gives me a working F10 HUD. Using the steam first VC entry lines, and cutting out the add-on VC entry, I don't have the HUD or instruments working there, but the cockpit is clean with all textures. That's all I need. I have my own feel for airspeed in VC mode anyways. Always have had. Yay! Now, a fully operational F/A-18 without FSX accelerated and, more importantly, without steam's involvement in my projects. My F-4J F-10 HUD doesn't work, but at least it's clean without black colored glass. However, My U.S.S America and Enterprise textures still come out beautiful. AND everything in VC works and looks just fine. Without doing anything at all, my favorite one-of-a-kind Corsair air frame is all completely there, nothing missing, everything works. That black glass on the VC of my UKMIL Hawks have even gone to clear glass. I don't care if the HUD is there or not. Yay! And the entire 747 package, with E1 exite function, E2, E3, loading ramps, and E4, ALL work just like in your accelerated add-on. Therefore, I'm not gonna touch this thing by getting FSX accelerated, or anything else. My pilotable U.S.S. Nimitz has black textures on the hangar deck, but just overhead and on bulkheads on the side. You can still see good enough to taxi. Flight deck textures, lights, tow truck, elevator, and everything else work just fine. P-47 add-ons work as well. All this with out FSX accelration, gold, or whatever else. Nobody wants to take me on in aircraft operations anyways so AIcarriers2 doesn't matter. I land at the carrier scenery in Pensacola, anyways, which shows up just fine. My PC boots up again, and FSX boots up like I've never seen it, or ever rememebr seeing it before. And last, but certainly not least, I'm finally off that hideous dump of a service, known as steam. And like a character said on a TV show once: "and I and NEVER, goin' back.

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    I'd never use Steam with a Sim, ever. You're just introducing too much complexity. I do have Steam for other games though and that's fine, but not for a Sim.
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    Not sure what the fuss is about over Steam. No compexity whatsoever found here, nor any problems. It does not interfere with add-ons and modifications.
    If you are neurotic, you can set it to "play off-line" permanently. If your internet is temporarily up the spout, you can "play off-line" for the duration.

    Mine connects automatically to Steam when I start the game, its presence is barely noticable.


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    I installed FSX-Steam in early 2016 with Windows 10 - Except for some minor issues, Iv'e had very few problems since then... (Perhaps you should also think about installing Win 10)?

    Plus, long posts are easier to read with some paragraphs...

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    Default the way of all software?

    It seems the way of all software nowadays, not just simulators. You don't buy the software, you just 'rent' it. Anytime you load it, the first thing it does is go to the software's website (which you may not be aware of) and installs updates and anything else the writers care to throw in, whether you want it or not! And there's always the possibility that it just disappears !
    It can be quite difficult to find the option switches to stop this happening. You may also need to go into your control panel to stop 'scheduled updates' to stop software from updating at obscure times and frequencies.
    So not only is the software not your own, your computer may not be either!
    Hence I have stuck with Windows7 and FS2004, (not to mention other ancient software). I am in control of MY computer. And thanks to plenty of quality add-ons in flightsim, and elsewhere, FS2004 looks good to me!

  6. Default Perhaps I should think..

    Quote Originally Posted by UPHILL3 View Post
    I installed FSX-Steam in early 2016 with Windows 10 - Except for some minor issues, Iv'e had very few problems since then... (Perhaps you should also think about installing Win 10)?

    Plus, long posts are easier to read with some paragraphs...
    What's yer windows 10 got to with steam creeping around in my computer? And, like i told whoever made the other meaningless disinfo comment on my post, my anti-steam copy of FSX, that I tediously installed, boots up faster than yours, or his, on your best combined days. Count on it dude. Furthermore, i don't "think" about win 10 at all. Let alone installing the concoction.

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    Default Let’s keep it civil!

    Let’s not get into the name calling and insinuations, or this thread is done, gone, kaput, etc.!



  8. Default Nothin "complicated" about it

    Quote Originally Posted by CRJ_simpilot View Post
    I'd never use Steam with a Sim, ever.
    At this point, it doesn't really matter, since I'm not using steam for anything at all. There's nothin' "complicated about it. Steam has their fingerprints all over the users PC, just as much as the issued titles people download, that steam rules over. It's that simple. Obviously, they are gonna wanna control the more popular titles. That's why microsoft's FSX SE is known as, umm, duh... Flight Simulator X STEAM EDITION.

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    I've never had any issues with installing FSX Steam or had any performance issues. In general I've found Steam works quite well for sims and games in general with no performance hit.

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    Steam for me is marvelous. Any issues it can repair itself. It has worked a couple of times for me. And it is more stable in my experience over FSX Gold which now rests peacefully in the basement.

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