Hey folks. New here and hopefully following procedure but here’s my problem. I am building cockpit and I have all my equipment including 2 antique saitek pieces.

I have
New Logitech :
Pro flight yoke
Rudder pedals
Multi switch
Auto pilot
2 radio panel
9 fip
Saitek backlit display
Saitek tpm

I was flying with only new Logitech straight into fs2020 with Logitech drivers and adding. No problems. Once I got tpm I discovered no drivers or software available so I went down spadnext / sim connect rabbit hole. Spad recognizes all hardware. I have 2 10 usb switches. 3.0 in a 2.0 slot. I’ve reconfigured connections every way possible.
All I get is a never ending windows notification of usb devices plugging in and out. Nothing connects when I start flight.
My question is do I have to have spad and aim connect to use old saitek devices? I paid stupid money for them because I see them in pics all over. I have same set up I see in pics but and lost. Any easy fixes or previous forums you could direct me. Thanks a bunch.
I just wanna fly....
Thanks in advance