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And to bring this all back to the core structure of this forum -

The ENORMOUS expenses involved in real-life aviation are why MSFS 2020 is an absolute bargain and 'cheap' thrill even at the Premium version price, and just IMHO even including what it DOES cost to get a good enough PC rig and accessories to use it. YES, VR is also 'expensive' and having a good graphics card is spendy, and a yoke/throttle quadrant/rudder pedal setup isn't free either but for that one time entry fee you get a world of global flight sim experiences.

Just imagine how much you would have to spend to experience in real life any of the adventure flights folks have taken in MSFS for 'free' outside of their home State/Country.
Absolutely true. I am digging into my first several hours of real ground school coursework, and am pretty fascinated by the idea that many of these concepts make complete sense within the game alone. I have not been climbing in the sim correctly. I have not been descending or landing correctly. Dealing with cross winds? hahaha! My knowledge level about the engine: about the same as my fluency in the Greek language. Didn't even know what a magneto does--much less what two of them do--until this course.