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    I recently installed and uninstalled Navigraph Simlink on my sim and since I have had nothing but problems. I'm running FSX boxed version on Windows 10. I run the sim on a low settings and never had any problems before installing Simlink. Now, FSX won't recognise FSPassengers, see images below. Any ideas for a fix?

    Link to error screenshots:!AtBLDmeWaSESjesr...82lhA?e=6RzHRx


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    Hi Matt,

    I suffered a similar problem with my VRS TacPack installation a while ago after installing a scenery whose install process added SODE reliant elements - got exactly the same type of error message displayed in screenshot #6 and Simconnect.dll related errors.

    Uninstalled the scenery and then uninstalling and then reinstalling TacPack resolved the issue for me so it may be worth doing the same for your FSPassengers app...


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    I had the Rovaniemi (EFRO) revisited Version 3 file installed which required SODE.

    Then I:
    • Uninstalled the scenery, SODE and FSP
    • Did a disk cleanup and restart
    • Restart the PC
    • Did a disk cleanup and restart
    • Restart the PC
    • Start FSX

    Now the problem does not occur on startup anymore. I'll try a flight tomorrow and let you know if I still get a CTD, but it looks promising so far!

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    No luck unfortunately. The sim crashed about 20 minutes into my flight. Really frustrating. The new error log is uploaded to the above link. I'll add it to the thread when the embed links allows. Any idea why this is suddenly started happening?

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