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Thread: Finding library objects by their GUID

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    Question Finding library objects by their GUID

    I have just returned to FSX after quite a long break and am looking into an airport I created using ADE. After importing all the associated bgls the objects display as variously sized squares. After double clicking on each I am presented, along with other data, their GUID number - e.g. 7be19b74-4442-6a6b-70af-eaadb4c22442
    Is there any way to trace the object, what it is, and ultimately if it belongs to any particular library collection?

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    You can look that up in ADE(X) - Airport Design Editor (X) .

    Right click anywhere on an airport.
    In the drop-down box click "Add" then click "Library Object"
    Then in the "Add" Library Object"-Widow, on the left,
    enter the GUID in the box, then click the "Find GUID" button.

    In your example of GUID: 7be19b74-4442-6a6b-70af-eaadb4c22442
    The result from ADE is: ez-helicopters-and-pads.bgl 011

    Looking in my FSX folder I find file "ez-helicopters-and-pads.bgl" in:
    ....\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Addon Scenery\EZ Scenery Library\scenery

    (But in your install you may have placed it somewhere else of course.)
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    Thanks for the quick reply, but ... I too have ez-helicopters-and-pads.bgl exactly where you have it and following your "find guid" suggestion the result is 0 objects found. So I double checked the ADE settings/options/folders tab - and scenery.cfg and FS main folder options are correctly set. However,when I opened scenery.cfg I see that it hasnt updated at all as it does not list any of the scenery objects I have added - it only has the original 115 entries - so I'm still stuck.

    BTW, this all came about because I would like to add jetways to my airport
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    Then you need to start fsx, go to
    Settings---Scenery Library
    and add that folder.
    (and to add any other folders from "addon scenery" you want to use in fsx.)
    That ads them to the scenery.cfg file.

    Only then will the objects show up in flight in FSX.

    Make sure you are looking at the right scenery.cfg file. The 'active' file is found in:

    (Attention, there is a scenery.cfg file in the fsx folder too, but that is a clean default file you should not change. It is there to so fsx can restore your active scenery file if it gets lost.)

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    just remembered. you may need to dlfirst add the objects/libraries to the ADEX Object library.

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    Yes indeed Top gun, thank you.
    All is good now with one exception: I have placed,inside an empty hangar, several items all labelled a97baed5-47c6-ddd6-5f04-a7a7d9b24dac. To the best of my memory its a pile of old pallets but I cannot find them anywhere on here. The come up as black squares and the only info is the guid number. Any ideas on that one please?

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    Using ADEX Library Object Manager for GUID:

    I find:
    AB Misc.bgl 005

    Searching in my:
    ..\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Addon Scenery

    for: AB Misc.bgl

    I find that file as:
    ..\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Addon Scenery\objlib FSX_SOL 1\AB Misc.bgl

    I also find next to it a file AB Misc.txt
    (Created by the designer, not by me.)
    With in it the text:
    Library description file for: AB_Misc.bgl
    Automatically created by EZ-Scenery Manager

    # Format for description files:
    # GUID name
    # GUID must consist of 32 hex digits. The format is identical to the one used in
    # BGLCOMP (FS2004 SDK)

    A97BAED5DDD647C6A7A7045FAC4DB2D5 AB_WeddingTent
    A97BAED5DDD647C6A7A7045FAC4DB2D6 AB_6_JLClutter
    A97BAED5DDD647C6A7A7045FAC4DB2D7 AB_7_JLClutter
    A97BAED5DDD647C6A7A7045FAC4DB2D8 AB_8_JLClutter
    A97BAED5DDD647C6A7A7045FAC4DB2D9 AB_9_JLClutter
    A97BAED5DDD647C6A7A7045FAC4DB2DA AB_10_JLClutter
    A97BAED5DDD647C6A7A7045FAC4DB2DB AB_AptMailBox
    A97BAED5DDD647C6A7A7045FAC4DB2DC AB_ChainFence
    A97BAED5DDD647C6A7A7045FAC4DB2DD AB_ChainFenceSm
    A97BAED5DDD647C6A7A7045FAC4DB2DE AB_ChickenWireFence
    A97BAED5DDD647C6A7A7045FAC4DB2DF AB_ChickenWireFenceSM
    A97BAED5DDD647C6A7A7045FAC4DB2E0 AB_Dumpster
    A97BAED5DDD647C6A7A7045FAC4DB2E1 AB_GraveA
    A97BAED5DDD647C6A7A7045FAC4DB2E2 AB_GraveB
    A97BAED5DDD647C6A7A7045FAC4DB2E3 AB_PartyTent
    A97BAED5DDD647C6A7A7045FAC4DB2E4 AB_PicketFence
    A97BAED5DDD647C6A7A7045FAC4DB2E5 AB_PicketFenceTall
    A97BAED5DDD647C6A7A7045FAC4DB2E6 AB_PicketGate
    A97BAED5DDD647C6A7A7045FAC4DB2E7 AB_Pool
    A97BAED5DDD647C6A7A7045FAC4DB2E8 AB_PrivacyFenceA
    A97BAED5DDD647C6A7A7045FAC4DB2E9 AB_Temple
    A97BAED5DDD647C6A7A7045FAC4DB2EA AB_USPOMailbox

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    Ahhh, AB Misc it is then! thanks again

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    I thought the GUID you gave
    would be in that list in AB_Misc.txt file, but it is not.... It took me a while to find out why that is.

    It turns out there is a difference between FS2004 GUID's and FSX GUID's.
    I found a converter program on
    (I'll give a link below)

    Method of running is only described briefly there.

    I played around with the program a bit and found this way of running it:
    To use Guidconverter.exe

    0---Download from the link and unzip the folder.

    1--Create a textfile with all the all GUIDs in it.
    GUID's Only!!! No othere symbols, text, or extra spaces.

    2--Place textfile in same folder as GuidConverter.exe

    (I copied "AB_Misc.txt" to D:\GuidConverter0-9\
    Then made a copy of the file.
    Then stripped out everything except the GUID's
    Closed and saved
    The filename I chose was:

    3-Then dragged that file on top of "GuidConverter.exe"
    ((In the instructions it says to use CommandPrompt to run it instead of drag-and-drop. If you want to run from CommandPrompt, make sure your textfile with the GUID has no spaces in the filename. (Or put the filename between quotes "" ))

    4--The result of the conversion is then in the file "Output.txt"
    (I'll post that list below)

    5--And yes, your GUID is in that list.
    The names are not with the GUID's, but the order has stayed the same.
    The fifth one on the original list matches with the fifth one on the converted list.

    (6)---I tested if fifth matched fifth by trying if it was possible to
    run a conversion in reverse. From FSX-guid to FS2004-guid (that worked!!)
    a--renamed file Output.txt, so it would not be overwritten.
    b--created a new .txt file with only
    the GUID you gave:
    Dropped that on GuidConverter. The result was:
    Next file: D:\GuidConverter0-9\One_Guid_In_Reverse.txt
    = = = = = =
    = = = = = =
    End of file D:\GuidConverter0-9\One_Guid_In_Reverse.txt
    And if you read that without the dash signs ( - ) you see yours matches
    with the fifth GUID from file AB_Misc.txt

    A97BAED5DDD647C6A7A7045FAC4DB2D9 AB_9_JLClutter


    As promised result of first Output.txt file:
    Output of conversion of all GUID's in AB_Misc.txt
    (Converting file: AB_Misc_ALL OBJECTS_GUID_ONLY.txt)
    (Your GUID is the fifth result.)
    Next file: D:\GuidConverter0-9\AB_Misc_ALL OBJECTS_GUID_ONLY.txt
    = = = = = =
    = = = = = =
    End of file D:\GuidConverter0-9\AB_Misc_ALL OBJECTS_GUID_ONLY.txt


    Link to GuidConverter.exe on FSDeveloper:
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    Wow - you certainly completed a successful massive research on that problem!
    I was also trying various approaches when I remembered that I had a problem the first time I installed fsx and it was suggested by soneone on here that I should re-install it outside the ""program files" path - which I did and everything worked fine. So in the end that is what I tried and . . . those little black squares in ADE appeared as the proper objects. But (and there's always a "but") all the warehouse_airport_vehicles were black, and stayed that way no matter what I tried.
    After that (and to cut a long story short) I had HDD problems and had to refomat and install everything from scratch.
    I installed FSX outside the "program files" path as before, but this time there was no problem with the warehouse_airport_vehicles but those black squares from ADE returned to haunt me and I decided to run without them.
    So, thank you for your exhaustive efforts, I know how involved you can get when you get inside this game - I know I certianly did with one of the airports I made which had round-the-clock AI flights (approx one every 5 minutes).
    Thanks again and happy flying

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