The default King Air autopilot poses quite a problem for most of us. In real life, the location
of the autopilot makes perfectly good sense. However, in the X-Plane sim, it's virtually (no pun intended!)
impossible to make adjustments to the autopilot while also looking at the main dash panel - and setting/changing

A partial solution works well - I must give credit to "Logic Autopilot" who's info I found accidentally on
You Tube. He assigned shortcuts to the autopilot functions, including heading and course. I experimented
with my Logitech joystick and am able to replicate his actions. His brief video (about two minutes) did a
great job explaining what you should be looking for. In my case, I'm not going to have enough room for
more joystick assignments. I will probably rectify that with a modest-sized Leo Bodnar USB board.

Another possibility (and not dirt cheap either) is to use either an iPad or cheap computer monitor and
Air Manager. Lots of advice all over You Tube.

Art - N4PJ
Leesburg, FL