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Thread: CH Flight Yoke not binding to AXIS

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    Default CH Flight Yoke not binding to AXIS

    I have an older CH Flight Yoke and can't get the flight Axis to bind, elevator, aileron and throttle etc. I understand the process but when I go to validate, I get a warning that it's not recommended, then it shows it assigned but it stays frozen. If it assigns it for me, it will show either the axis +, or Axis- and acts like a switch. I'm sure I'm doing this correctly and have searched other posts and watched the videos. I have spent enough money already on this new computer and MSFS2020, and the wife doesn't want to hear me spending another $200 on a yoke. I have the rudder pedals working fine. Also, I set up the MS sidewinder joystick and manually assigned the axis with no problems. Anyone else have this issue?
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    Default Ditto

    Same issue, works if assigning the plus or minus axis it works only in that direction but not the neutral or ranged axis. Has to be software issue since it works in X plane 11

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    I had the same yoke. I could not get it to work in P3D V4.5 at all. I purchased a Honeycomb Alpha Yoke and have not been disappointed. It works exceptionally well in MSFS 2020. I disassembled my old CH Flight Yoke and discovered 2 wires were broken at the base of the unit. If I had disassembled my old yoke first and repaired the wires, would it still work in P3d and MSFS 2020? Who knows. But I am glad I updated my flight yoke. Maybe, some day, I will get the Honeycomb Bravo Throttle Quadrant. As for the problem with your spouse. I have no recommendations in that department. All I can say is that my wife loves my passion for flight simming because I am at home flight simming, instead of being at the bar doing "who knows what and who are you doing it with?".
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    Default Ditto

    I don't think it is a hardware issue since the controller works no problems in other games. I've spent hours trying to get it to work. I will give up and hope a future update will fix it. Could be a issue with my rig.

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    Kevars knows what I'm taking about. It is frustrating because i have read other posts where the CH flight yoke is working, but not for me. I just spent alot of $$$ to build a new system, and then went through hell trying to get a decent graphics card. and now I have to purchase a new yoke. If anyone has a solution, I would love to hear it.

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    Sorry to type to you that I have an old CH yoke that is working. The difference that I can see is that all the assignments I did were in the second box. It doesn't really say it anywhere but the first box is primary and the second of course is secondary control.
    I did the assignments after the first install and have not had to reconfigure after any of the updates even when it seems to be a full re-install but something may have caused a bug.

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